The type of slab The Mudjackers raises is referred to as "floating concrete" meaning the concrete moves with the ground. The ground can move as a result of frost and thawing or the amount of moisture present in the soil at different times of the year. Therefore, it is necessary to use material that is able to take on or release moisture at the same rate as the surrounding soil as to float the concrete properly [note not using cement].

When new concrete is installed, a base of compacted sand and/or gravel is used. Logic assumes it would be best to raise the sunken slab with more of the same, but it is not possible to pump pure sand. A pumping aid is needed. Our engineered material is mixed at each job site to adjust for each condition encountered.

Our formulation has enough flexibility to fill voids and pockets. This will result in using more material providing a more thorough complete solution that has a stronger P.S.I. rating greater than a normal base for concrete. Some competitors mixtures are cement based that can set up too quickly. This creates a "pillaring effect" with material established as pillars and leaving voids throughout the affected area.

Why Mudjack These Problems?

  1. Liability All trip hazards are potential problems. Also, steep slopes on porches and stoops can lead to icy and slippery conditions.

  2. Patios and stoops tipping toward the home create continuing problems of erosion due to water running toward the house, worsening the tilt.

  3. Back pitched concrete next to a house can cause serious foundation issues.

  4. Garage floors tilting away from the doors but toward the foundation worsen with snowmelt from cars in the winter.

  5. Cost effective when compared to removal and replacement.

What's Involved With Our Estimates?

  1. On-site inspection This can be scheduled with or without our clients being present.

  2. Identification & Drawing After reviewing the condition of the job site, we provide a detailed drawing of the affected areas. We give an explanation of the corrective measures necessary.

  3. Mud jacking vs. Removal & Replacement We provide our clients with information and options to assist them in making their decision. We help you evaluate the manpower, machinery and materials necessary.

  4. Quotation We provide a detailed quotation. We can also have the proposal broken down into sections should the client wish to address different area's and prioritize the work.

How The Process of Mudjacking Works

  1. Corrections Small holes are drilled into the concrete slabs. The mudjack material is pumped under pressure thru these holes. The Mudjackers' materials displace voids, water and water saturated materials, raises the slab and leaves a firm permanent subgrade.

  2. Preventative Future concrete settlement and damage can be corrected when you use The Mudjackers' materials to stabilize the base of the concrete.

  3. Cost Efficient We repair concrete at a fraction of replacement costs. You save on manpower, machinery and material. The end result is level concrete, just like new.

  4. Time Efficient Our process takes hours, not days while reducing the amount of your down time, if any.

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